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Why HL Sensecurity?

1. Pioneer In Singapore

Established in 1992 before the height of the dotcom revolution, HL Sensecurity is a pioneer in information security and networking solutions in the Asia Pacific region. Its founders believed that for e-business to take- off, pertinent IT infrastructure and security issues confronting companies connected to the Internet have to be addressed and effective defense strategies deployed. HL Sensecurity has witnessed several major security hacks since its inception and has served many of its partners and clients to safeguard their digital assets and respond to these hacks well.

2. Qualified & Experienced People

With a proven track record, HL Sensecurity is qualified to provide the most comprehensive and effective security solutions available as our people come from information-sensitive and security-intensive industries. Our people possess distinguished security certifications from world-renowned security institutes and technology vendors. Our experts receive recognition in technical publications and are featured speakers at leading industry conferences and events.

3. Best-Of-Breed Solutions

At HL Sensecurity, we represent the most effective and reliable vendor solutions for your networking and e-security implementations. We provide e-security solutions in the five risk areas of (i) Perimeter Defense, (ii) Vulnerability Management, (iii) Access Management, (iv) Content Security and (v) Mobile Security to protect your computer networks, data and applications. Our e-security solutions are carefully selected and have repeatedly won industry awards, top independent tests and receive commendations from customers.

4. Strong Backing & Customer Base

HL Sensecurity's major customers include public-listed companies, government agencies, leading financial institutions and MNCs in Asia. The Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd (IIPL), part of the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), and TIF Ventures Pte Ltd, part of the Economic Development Board of Singapore, are its major investors. With our good track record and strong support, we believe we have got what it takes to assist you to secure your digital assets.

5. Partner & Client Satisfaction

By combining strong security expertise and an attitude of professionalism and responsiveness, our people are committed to serve you and to meet your security requirements. You can trust our people to deliver the job well.

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