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Asia Paciifc's leading value-added distributor of information security solutions providing the world's top e-security solutions and value-added services to partners and customers in the Asia-Pacific region.


Need technical support? We are a leading and established one-stop solution provider providing expert outsourcing and maintenance services for your IT needs.


Come visit Sensecurity Institute - the leading e-security research and education organization in the Asia-Pacific region!

Why Us?

  • In-Depth Security

    You are worried about safety of your data? Our job is to secure everything in order to keep your data encrypted, safe and secure

  • Virus Proof

    With our unique network design and security systems, servers and computers in your network will be virus/malware/trojan free

  • 5 Stage Defence

    Our state of the art, 5 stage defence system, is able to keep your network safe and secure without entry points for hackers


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